• Shrinking Population: How Japan Fell Out Of Love With Love

    Tulip Mazumdar explores how young people’s rejection of intimacy and their embracing of singledom has left Japan’s authorities struggling to tackle rapid population decline.

  • Shuga Radio

    Working with UNICEF and MTV, Shuga Radio is an award winning training and broadcast initiative supporting HIV/Aids prevention across Africa. Like It Is and partners engaged with young people from six countries to create and deliver magazine programmes and dramas, broadcast across 70 territories in English, French and Kiswahili.

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  • Building a Movement: The Story of Muslim Hip Hop

    A rare insight into how, away from Hip Hop’s bling and partying, Muslim rappers are combining rhymes and Islam. Produced for BBC Radio 1Xtra, we heard how Muslim artists are balancing their art with their beliefs, and taking Hip Hop back its roots with tracks that look to fight injustices and guide the young.

  • An African Asian Affair

    Produced for BBC Radio 4, Like It Is explored how in 1972, soon after taking power in a military coup, the new President of Uganda, Idi Amin, expelled all the Asians holding British passports. They had made their fortunes in Uganda but now, almost overnight, their lives changed and they found themselves dumped in the UK, penniless and homeless.

  • The Story of Guru

    Produced for BBC Radio 1Xtra, Like It Is celebrated Guru, the legendary MC who made his name as one half of the unrivalled Hip Hop duo Gang Starr and whose Jazzmatazz project pioneered fusing Rap and Jazz performance. This award winning programme heard exclusively from Guru’s family, DJ Premier, and Solar, who would be at the centre of the controversy surrounding the rappers untimely death.

  • The Botanical Vicar

    Lemn Sissay joined Roy Lancaster for BBC Radio 4 and to retrace the life and work of The Reverend Charles Shaw, a botanist renowned for finding ‘exotic’ plants on rubbish tips and factory dumps alike.

  • The Story of Stargate

    They co-own a record label with Jay-Z, have won Grammys, and had multiple international hits with Rihanna, Beyonce, Ne-Yo and more, but few outside the industry know who Stargate are. Produced by Like It Is for BBC Radio 1Xtra, the programme featured exclusive interviews with Ne-Yo, Eric Turner, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Alexis Jordan and of course let Stargate tell their story.

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